Battlefield Brosephs: Battlefield 3’s Real Fun Happens With Friends

To start off, Battlefield 3 is fun, beautiful and after 23+ hours of play it is still regularly revealing ‘ah-ha’ moments (No, its soundtrack is not a continuous loop of Take On Me). Speaking of its soundtrack; the audio is spectacular and when played while wearing gaming headphones with surround sound it will sometimes cause you to duck as the whine of an RPG careens overhead. The real fun comes though, when you are playing in a squad with friends and you all have mics.

No, this is not a visual depiction of the sweet sounds of Battlefield 3.

When you are in a squad with your mates, Battlefield 3 really opens up. With constant communication that helps shape the battlefield, you and your squad have shared vision. If a teammate is pinned down by a sniper but can verbally reveal the enemy’s location to you, not only do you get to pick up an easy kill, you also get to sarcastically say “Your welcome.” as you dispatch the harassing foe.

With four classes in the game (Assault, Engineer, Support & Recon) that naturally support one another, moments of patting each others back on the battlefield are the norm. As an engineer barraging a tank with rockets as it closes in on your squads location, it is a relief to know that one of your squad mates will be able to get ammo to you soon. Did you just take out two people in an ambushing squad and watched as your mates cleaned up the rest? No worries, your sacrifice will not be forgotten nor go unrewarded as one of your platoon members will defib (defibrillator) you back to life.

I am still up in the air on the server browser/social community that is Battlefield 3’s Battlelog but even though done in jest, it is still fun to Hooah! (Battlelogs version of Facebook’s Like option) a friends new rank. It is also fun to Hooah! every remote action that is listed on the Battle feed (similar to Facebook’s Recent News section) so your friends will be greeted/annoyed by a plethora of notices when they next long in.

An example of Battlelog's Battle feed and friendly Hooah! spamming.

So you can play Battlefield 3 unaided by friends, in a squad full of unknowns, where your death goes unnoticed and actually still have a lot of fun. If you truly want to appreciate all that Battlefield 3 has to offer then join up with your brosephs and kill together, revive together and give out digital fist bumps via cheesy Battlelog sprinkled with vocal Hooahs!


Heisting My Salary

Still on the job hunt after four months I have decided to go a desperate route, make a career change and take back some of that bailout money through a more direct method. I am practicing to be a bank robber and an all around selfish Robin Hood and I have the perfect trainer in PAYDAY: The Heist.

PAYDAY: The Heist, from developer OVERKILL Software and published by Sony Online Entertainment, is Left 4 Dead turned “left 4 loot”. You and three other criminally gifted cohorts are smooth operating, TARP stealing and lethal when necessary, band of brothers. You are the most active members of Occupy Wall Street.

LR: Unique enemy units the Shield, Cloaker, Bulldozer and Taser.

The four of us (Dallas, Hoxton, Wolf and Chains) operate as a team looking to score money through differing heist scenarios, all while wearing masks that are a mix between those worn in the movie Dead Presidents and Point Break. From the token bank job in the scenario First World Bank to the corrupt stealing from the corrupt in the map Panic Room – where you lift a cash filled safe room out of a five story meth lab – each map requires a different approach. Also, adding to the suspense is the lack of a tutorial that walks you through the how-to-does and what-to-does. Should you try to stay inconspicuous as long as possible or should you go all Val Kilmer in the movie Heat and lay down covering fire to open up your escape in the map Heat Street?

PAYDAY: The Heist has a leveling system that unlocks new weapons, team helping drops and passive perks, but where it sets itself apart is in how you level up. There are three different class trees but instead of picking a class and then leveling up within it, you level up in each class depending on your style of play. If you hit head shots with your rifle on a regular basis then more unlocks become available under the Sharpshooter class. Lay down ammo bags on a regular basis then you will see more unlocks become available in the Support class. Have a Warcraft ogre like blood lust and an extreme hate for boys in blue (and special police units) then you will open up more mayhem enabling unlocks in the Assault class.

I am not ready to go pro in the heisting business as of yet (I only have 10 hours of practice) but give me enough time and I could, I mean Chains could, be visiting a local Bank of America very soon.

Whose behind the mask? Is it Patrick Swayze or maybe Robert De Niro? Could it be the infamous Mandingo?