The Quesh Mess and My Garden of Eaten.

The planet of Quesh, in The Old Republic, is overrun with mutant animals, infected with Republic scum and oozes toxins, unless refined, that are deadly to breathe. My back patio was overrun with insects, infected with rodent scum and oozed toxins from the cigarette butts of past renters. In both the world of The Old Republic and in the world that is my back patio, my goal was clear, clean this place up.

Quesh is inhospitable for the most part; unless you take a serum to help fight the toxic environment, you will quickly die on the planets surface. To add to the hostility of this planet, the toxins can be refined and used as war-turning adrenals, that boost the bodies healing abilities, reflexes and concentration. My patio’s environment was deadly, until winter blew gingerly through and killed the toxic leaves of the suffocating poison ivy and sumac. Once cleared, the patios limited ground space will be converted to produce nutrient rich vegetables.

Obok Stillsky and his companion Torian, go on safari.

The first to be cleared from Quesh’s surface are the Republic troops that stand in the way of both my credits and the Empire’s manufacturing of adrenals. I’ve started my killing spree and I’ve crippled the Republic’s toxic mining abilities. I can taste success and I can already see the credits piling up in my ships cargo hold. After raking, yanking out weeds and shoveling out roots, I can taste the bounty of vegetables in my mouth. I can imagine my refrigerator stocked with carrots and onions.

In the background, the flames of adrenal production.

I’ve laid down the foundation for the Empire’s conquest of Quesh. I’ve left Republic miners dead and even better, buried and alive within the same tunnels they were using to stockpile adrenal agents. I’ve turned the soil of my garden, coined The Garden of Eaten, and put down top soil that will be the foundation of my gardens growth. I’ve lined my pockets with blood-credits of fallen Republic soldiers and I’ve lined my patio with contractor grade edging.

As I near my triumph on Quesh and within my backyard, I become embolden. I start  to plant the seeds of multiple victories over the Republic forces, taking all offered missions. Standing on my patio, I can see the Dark Side within the freshly turned over dark soil. I am energized and my plans for my Garden of Eaten expand like the conquering vines of the Sith Empire