The Engagement Is Off: Breaking Up With The Old Republic

Obok hasn't aged well under the pressure of monthly payments.

I’ve been hesitant to commit, then I rashly got engaged. I sunk hours of play into my relationship with The Old Republic [TOR], now I’m calling it off. I purchased the game, paid the monthly subscription fees, then I realized I was not happy. I was no longer satisfied being in this costly relationship. The newness of our accord quickly wore off, and all that remained was the constant grind that constantly cost me $15 a month.

The first month passed. The newness of BioWare’s, well done, story arcs dried up like a Tusken Raider corpse sitting under Tatooine’s twin suns. Each time I launched Origin, I would hover my mouse over the TOR launch icon, just to move it away. Obok Stillsky’s bounty hunter blood no longer boiled for dangerous contracts, and my thirst for the Dark Side had been satiated . The only contract I was concerned about now, was the one I had with Electronic Arts.

Blizz, I knew you the least but I will miss you the most.

I never was a Massively Multiplayer Online [MMO] fanboy but I couldn’t resist  the lure of a well funded and developed Star Wars iteration. I realize now, that I will probably never be a MMO regular. TOR had all the makings of an MMO I could enjoy, and honestly it is a well made game but its biggest problem, for me, it’s an MMO. Some of the fault lies with me and the types of games I enjoy playing, which are anything but a MMO. One issue that I take no blame for is the soon to be archaic subscription model, that less and less MMOs are using.

The pain of me leaving is too much for her to bear; she can't stand to look me in the face.

Paying for a game, then continually paying for it on a monthly basis, is and will forever be foreign to me. With great games selling for $15 to $60 (not excluding superbly priced indie games that go for cheaper) that provide 100s of hours of game play, I have trouble justifying a $60 down payment in addition to monthly fees. The subscription model for MMOs are going the way of print and my experience with TOR was my first and last venture into this dying business model.

Not even a free TOR Tauntaun pet will bring me back.

Fool Me Once, Shame On You…

Can I recover from being spurned by a true love? Am I able to forgive and believe that which is dearest to me has truly changed? She does look different. Honestly, she looks gorgeous compared to when we last parted ways. She looks smarter, acts smarter and, even appears, to care about changing her ways. I don’t know. Can I forgive Star Wars Galaxies [SWG] and commit to her in her new and mature form of Star Wars: The Old Republic [SWtOR]?

You’ve appeared to pick up a few tricks from the time of our last soiree, the kind of tricks that would be useful in the bedroom (expanded dialogue options). Frankly, you appear to be a completely new person (New developer [BioWare] and is in no way tied to SWG except for the the Lucas lore).

The hype behind us potentially dating is persuasive (see this years [2011] E3 cinematic trailer below) and your friends say you are really a new person (previews have been reassuring). I remember that being the case before we dated last time too… Months and months of your friends saying I should date you (huge marketing push with SWG prior to its launch). “You were meant to be together,” were the words coming from my closest friends but none of them actually had spent any time with you (out of my gaming friends from those days I was the only one who actually purchased SWG).

I also remember your requirements of monthly dinners out (monthly subscription fees) rather I actually saw (played) you or not. I couldn’t say no at the time. You were everything I hoped for in a girl (game), but hope and actuality ended up being miles apart.

Now you want me back again and I must confess, you do seem shiny and new. Your implants and nose job (SWtOR graphics engine is amazing for an MMO) look great. I mean your makeup free look of the past was earthy (SWG was coated in the color brown) but your wrinkles would quickly show.


SWG's Earthy Brown

SWtOR "implant" enhanced look.


I don’t know. I mean, things are different but there are some glaring similarities. I’ve heard your promises before and you will have a lot of friends that will bide for much of your time and require me to share you (guilds for SWtOR have already been established). Also, loyalty to you will require almost all my free time (MMOs can be very time consuming) and will I get out what I put in (Will quest be rewarding and dynamic as promised?).

Well I have changed too. I don’t jump in head first like I used to. I like to make informed decisions rather than rash ones (read reviews extensively). I think I will wait until other people get to know the new you (player feedback) before I start saving for that engagement ring again.